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Nasser Alimusa, the Big Nastro

Nasser Alimusa is one of our dearest friends in the beer industry. His is the type of friend who always has a story to tell, especially when it comes to the people he has met in the industry. Nasser is an incredible community builder, and asset to any team. Listen as Tracy and Nasser talk…

Ep. 20


iSellBeer Podcast

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Ep. 19


Sales Rep X.2

The anonymous millennial series continues with our second millennial. Listen as Tracy and Sales Rep X.2 talk about his first day selling beer, the things he learned and the relationships he made along the way. Our industry is all about our community, and we couldn’t be more proud to present to you Sales Rep X.2

Ep. 18


Powertalk, Incentives

Introducing our first Powertalk. Listen as Tracy shares stories and insights on how incentives have helped shape the industry and his experience building team and inspiring execution amongst sales reps. Learn about the art of incentives and put it into practice with iSellBeer.

Ep. 17


Kent O’Neil, Encompass Technologies

Kent O’Neil could never have imagined a simple idea of building a piece of Route Accounting Software decades ago would have resulted in the massive brand used by so many distributors across the states. Listen as Tracy and Kent talk about Kent’s first day selling beer, the things he learned and the relationships he made…

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